Race Report – MidOhio and VIR July 2011

Busy last 2 weekends for me, was at MidOhio racing my car (#48) July 15-17 then back on the road again this past weekend with Ed Boothman’s FFR#85 to VIR to do some time trials/testing.

At MidOhio I did great, won both Saturday and Sunday sprint races. Sunday’s race I was battling with Paul Arnold (newcomer to the series) most of the race until he locked up his brakes braking on the back straight, then with Jim at the end. Im still working on video from Sunday as I have Paul and Jim’s incar along with mine and want to cut them all together into one clip.

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Race Report – Road Atlanta June 2011

This past weekend Jim and I trailered down to Road Atlanta for the second East Coast race weekend of the year. Friday was a test/tune along with a 3hr enduro from 2pm to 5pm. After running the test/tune, Peter LaRose and I ended up running Peters car in the enduro, finished 4th overall but had some issues with the car.. during the race we removed the hood, trunk, Peter found the inertia fuel kill switch tripped when he was too aggressive over the rumble strips.

Saturday came along with typical practice in the morning, qualifying mid day, and race later in the day. My car ran great in a shortened qualifying session with only 1 hotlap, mine ended up being the fastest of the FFR Challenge cars (they red-flagged the session due to a Miata off track into the tirewall). During the race I led the challenge cars slowly to the starters flag, took the green and hunkered down for a great sprint race with Scott and Paul pressuring me hard on the first lap. Luckily they kept each other busy enough to let me get a gap allowing me to focus on running fast laps consistently till the checkered flag. After the race the skies opened up and torrential downpoor ensued to cause massive destruction to the easy-ups along with floating away some coolers! Once the rains stopped we were invited to a pulled pork bbq by the local street cobra in the area.

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Race Report – VIR March 2011

Weekend of March 25-27 I was at VIR for the first race of 2011. Towing down with Jim hauling the FFR 2-car enclosed trailer we got to the track Thursday night. After getting the car teched for 2011, we were all set for Friday test/tune. The first 3 sessions were a breeze, car running well, was happy that the new wire harness I put in over the winter worked. Well, on session 4 I’m on track and the fuse blows to the computer, killing the car instantly. I get towed back in by the track safety workers, and after diagnosing the electrical issue, getting some really weird behavior (fuse blowing even with the ECU not connected to the wire harness..) I finally get a combination of ECU/sensors to work by replacing the existing with spares that I have brought and am all ready for Saturday.

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