Invitation to come watch racing at Limerock Park on Saturday August 26, 2017

I am racing at Limerock Park on Saturday August 26, and invite anyone local to come watch. The beautiful 1.5mile track is situated in Lakeville, CT, the upper west corner of Connecticut near the Berkshires is great for spectators, with plenty of viewing form the hill and the ability to walk around most of the inside of the track. Racing this year will only be run on Saturday since there is a huge legal battle between the town/planning, zoning commission and the track only allowing racing on Saturday. We will have 2 races on Saturday and will be a great battle with me in the FFR Daytona Coupe vs Corvettes/Cadillac/etc. in the ST2 class.

I will try live streaming from the racecar, use this link:

Race#1 @ 12:40pm – 1:10pm
Race#2 @ 3:15pm – 3:45pm

Hope to see you all there.