About me

John Georgeffrspec48@gmail.com

My racing career started November 2003 when I purchased a Factory Five Challenge Series kit car. Taking 1 1/2 years to complete FFR #4706SP was on the road July 2005.

Now that I had a race car, I needed to learn how to race, in July 2005 I attended the SkipBarber Racing School at Limerock, CT and came out with a provisional SCCA license. With that in hand I was able to apply for a NASA racing license and did my first race at VIR (at the time the FFR Nationals 2005; finished 10th.) I completed my 4 rookie races at Summit Point in Oct 2005.

2006 season saw the first full season of racing starting with MidOhio in April, WatkinsGlen in May, BeaveRun in June, Hyperfest at Summit Point in July, Limerock in August, MidOhio in August, and back to MidOhio in September for NASA Nationals 2006 (finished 6th).

2007 season started with MidOhio in April, BeaveRun in May, Hyperfest at Summit Point in June, Pocono in July, Limerock in August, MidOhio in August, back to MidOhio in September for NASA Nationals 2007 (finished 5th), and finishing with WatkinsGlen in October.

2008 started at VIR in February with a 3hr endurance race where I finished 3rd in the E0 class, Road Atlanta in March with another 3 hr endurance race, Sebring in June driving Ed Boothman’s FFR #85, Pocono in July, MidOhio in August, and back to MidOhio in September for NASA Nationals 2008 (finished 3rd.) I also had the privilege of being part of Team Racing 4 A Reason 2 running Ed Boothman’s FFR #85 in the NASA’s 25hr race at Thunderhill 2008 where we finished 27th overall (out of 68 competitors) and 11th in E0 class (out of 18 competitors.)

2009 was an eventful year starting and ending with engine troubles in two different cars. Road Atlanta saw me sidelined for the Enduro and Saturday’s race in FFR#48 but both Car Thompson and Scott McKay were kind enough to let me drive their cars during the Enduro. Andy Cole and Bob Kay slaved over my engine getting it working with a head swap at the track and I was able to make Sunday’s race. From then on it was two times at Summit Point. In between the two SummitPoint events Kevin Eves and I went down to Florida to help upgrade Ed Boothman’s FFR#85 to ES trim upgrading brakes/engine/suspension and then testing the car at Sebring, FL. After that at MidOhio saw 12 Challenge cars nose-to-tail creating some exciting racing the whole weekend. Limerock was next and had me set a new lap record (1:01.395) during the races. The 2009 NASA Nationals was next held in Utah this year at Miller Motorsports Park where once again I finished 3rd. Watkings Glen was the last race of the season in FFR#48 finishing out by besting my old track record by nearly 4 seconds at a 2:12.447 lap. After that the focus shifted to Ed Boothman’s FFR#85 Enduro car for the NASA25hr race in December 2009, flying to test/tune in Oct and Nov at Thunderhill Racetrack in CA. FFR#85 unfortunately had a blown engine during qualifying for the 25hr, and after the crew slaved all night doing an engine swap saw us unfortunately retiring from the 2009 25hr after only 3hrs with engine troubles again.

2010 started again at Road Atlanta with a 3hr Enduro in the rain this time. I was driving great and was either 2nd or 3rd overall when coming into the downhill esses I hydroplaned off the track hitting the tire-wall backwards taking me out of the event. Mark/Jim/Dave were great succoring my car up after the hit by drilling holes in the affected areas using zip-ties to hold the 2 pieces together. The races at Road Atlanta Saturday and Sunday were uneventful. After that debacle start progress was once again made on Ed’s enduro car, FFR#85 now back up north at Factory Five with Jim, Andy, and me working to dial in the car for the 2010 NASA 25hr race. Fitting in Jim’s spare shortblock along with Ed’s spare Trickflow heads we headed up to NHMS for Test/Tune #1. #85 ran flawlessly and was even fast on my old Toyo RA1’s. My next event in #48 was at Summit Point which saw great races between Paul Kaiser and I, with Paul being the victor. May/June saw me dawn a new body on #48, now flat black, and a ton of work getting done on #85. June was once again at NHMS for Test/Tune #2 in #85 where we worked on crude aero package and tire pressures. End of June through August saw me in #48 heading for great sprint races at BeaveRun,  VIR, and MidOhio. End of August was a COMSCC weekend for me in #48 doing the final shakedown prep for Nationals 2010 held at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. At Nationals 2010, Mark Dougherty helped me tremendously fine-tuning the car setup allowing me to have great races battling up front. TC McNett and I dueled most of the Nats race with Scott McKay sailing off with the win. TC on the last lap got a great run on me going into the hairpin but was too fast entering and spun the car securing me a 2nd place finish. After Nats 2010, the focus shifted once again on Ed’s FFR#85 Enduro car, now dawning aero with a new splitter, tanoe cover on the passenger side cockpit, and the rear wing from the FFR GTM supercar. Testing things like break-balance, break-wear, tire-wear, fuel consumption, allowed the car to run 1:12.5 second laptime around NHMS, a full 5-6 seconds faster the #48. NASA 25hr 2010 saw us finishing 5th in class, and 18th overall with the car on track for about 22hrs. The crew overcame problems with studs breaking, and axle flange bending only loosing about 3hrs of tracktime. Post race analysis identified gaps which will be resolved for 2011 NASA 25hr race.

2017 marks the end of racing for me for a while. Its been a great run, 2 National Championships, loads of fun had for sure, but after 12 years of racing I decided to take a break, changing priorities, etc… I’m sure I’ll eventually get back to it again later in life.

Racing Bio

2017 Sept 22 NASA-NE Watkins Glen NY
2017 Aug 25-26 NASA-NE Limerock CT
2017 Cannan – Private test with FFR#22 Gen3 CoupeR Cannan Cannan NH
2017 July 7-8
2017 July 1 AutoX NE-SVT Devens MA
2017 Aug 26-28 NASA Great Lakes MidOhio OH
2017 June 16-18 NASA NorthEast NJMP Thunderbolt NJ
2017 May 19-21 UTCC2017 NASA MidAtlantic VIR VA
2017 May 5-7 NASA-NE NJMP Lightning NJ
2017 April 10-11 Private test with FFR$48 Gen3 CoupeR WindTunnel + NCCAR NCCAR NC
2017 Mar 24-26 NASA MidAtlantic VIR VA
2016 Dec 1-4 (Adrian’s F.A.S.T Auto Racing Corvette #96) NASA 25hr Thunderhill CA
2016 Oct 29 AutoX SCCA Hershey PA
2016 Oct 8 AutoX NESVT Devens MA
2016 Sept 22-25 Nationals East – fin=1 in ST2 NASA Watkins Glen NY
2016 Aug 29-30 (Mon-Tues) NASA NorthEast Watkins Glen NY
2016 Aug 26-28 NASA Great Lakes MidOhio OH
2016 July 22-24 NASA NorthEast Palmer MA
2016 June 17-19 NASA NorthEast NJMP Thunderbolt NJ
2016 May 5 with FFR818R Palmer Test Day Palmer Motorsports Park MA
2016 April 23 with Gary Cheney’s FFR818R COMSCC Canaan NH
2016 April 15-17 NASA NorthEast NJMP Lightning NJ
2015 Oct 16-18 NASA NorthEast NJMP NJ
2015 Sept 25-27 (won Sat/Sun overall) NASA NorthEast Palmer MA
2015 Aug 30 (AutoX) NE-SVT Devens MA
2015 July 31 (FFR818R) NHMS Test Day NHMS NH
2015 July 3-4 NASA NorthEast Limerock CT
2015 June 13-14 (TransAm support race) NASA NorthEast NJMP NJ
2015 June 5-7 NASA GreatLakes MidOhio OH
2015 May 1-3 NASA MidAtlantic VIR VA
2015 March 25 (new FFR Roadster IRS test) Private Test NCCAR NC
2015 March 20-22 NASA MidAtlantic VIR VA


2014  Nov 15-16 with Chris Allen’s Spec E30 NJMP NJMP Lightning NJ
2014 Oct 3 with FFR818R and 3hr enduro in Mike Tuck’s FFR#60 NASA-MA VIR VA
2014 Aug 28-31 Nationals East 2014 – fin=2nd NASA Road Atlanta GA
2014 Aug 1-3 NASA-SE Road Atlanta GA
2014 July 18 with FFR818R @ UTCC2014 NASA-MA VIR VA
2014 July 15 test with FFR818R Limerock Limerock CT
2014 July 3-5 NASA-NE Limerock CT
2014 June 20-22 NASA-NE Thompson Speedway CT
2014 May 16-18 NASA-NE NJMP Thunderbolt NJ
2014 Mar 21 NASA-MA VIR VA


2013 Dec 6 – 8hr at Road Atlanta in FFR#52 NASA-SE Road Atlanta GA
2013 Sept 27-29 – in FFR818R NASA-NE WatkinsGlen NY
2013 Aug 23-25 NASA-GL MidOhio OH
2013 July 26-28 NASA-GL MidOhio OH
2013 July 19 – in FFR818R @ UTCC2013 NASA-MA VIR VA
2013 June 14-16 – 4hr Enduro in FFR#60 Friday NASA-SE Road Atlanta GA
2013 May 18 – AutoX, got fast time of day Track Club USA Devens MA
2013 April 26-28 NASA-GL MidOhio OH
2013 April 24-25 – second FFR818/818R track development/test Private Test/Tune NCCAR NC
2013 Mar 22-24 NASA-MA VIR VA
2013 Feb 7 – fist FFR818/818R track development/test Private Test/Tune NCCAR NC


2012 Dec 8-9 driving FFR#85 NASA 25hr Thunderhill CA
2012 Sept 28 driving FFR#85 NASA-NE Watkins Glen NY
2012 Sept 5-9 NASA Nationals 2012 – fin=1st NASA MidOhio OH
2012 Aug 10-12 NASA-GL MidOhio OH
2012 Aug 3 driving FFR#85 NHMS Test/Tune NHMS NH
2012 June 15-17 NASA-SE Road Atlanta GA
2012 May 25-27 NASA-NE NJMP Thunderbolt NJ
2012 April 28-29 NASA-NE Summit Point WV
2012 Mar 31-April1 NASA-FL Sebring Fl
2012 Mar 23-25 NASA-NE VIR VI
2011 Dec 3-4 driving FFR#85 NASA 25hr Thunderhill CA
2011 Oct 7-9 driving FFR#77 (Greg Wellinghoff’s FFR) NASA-GL Road America WI
2011 Sept 30 driving FFR#85 NASA-NE Watkins Glen NY
2011 Sept 7-11 NASA Nationals 2011 – DNF, car overheated NASA MidOhio OH
2011 Aug 12-14 NASA-GL MidOhio OH
2011 July 22-24 driving FFR#85 @ UTCC2011 NASA-MA VIR VA
2011 July 15-17 NASA-GL MidOhio OH
2011 June 17-19 NASA-SE Road Atlanta GA
2011 May 14 AutoX NESVT Ft Devens MA
2011 May 1 AutoX BSCC Ft Devens MA
2011 April 21 COMSCC Test/Tune NHMS NH
2011 Mar 25-27 NASA-MA VIR VA
2010 Dec 2-5 driving FFR#85 NASA 25hr Thunderill CA
2010 Oct 7 driving FFR#85 NHMS Test/Tune 4 NHMS NH
2010 Sept 23 driving FFR#85 NHMS Test/Tune 3 NHMS NH
2010 Sept 16-19 NASA Nationals 2010 – fin=2nd NASA Miller Motorsports Park UT
2010 Aug 28-29 COMSCC NHMS NH
2010 Aug 13-15 NASA-GL MidOhio OH
2010 July 23-25 NASA-MA VIR VA
2010 June 26-27 NASA-GreatLakes BeaveRun PA
2010 June 17 driving FFR#85 NHMS Test/Tune 2 NHMS NH
2010 April 17-18 NASA-MA Summit Point WV
2010 April 15 driving FFR#85 NHMS Test/Tune 1 NHMS NH
2010 Mar 12-14 Fri Enduro NASA-SE RoadAtlanta GA
2009 Dec 4-6 driving FFR#85 NASA 25hr Thunderhill CA
2009 Nov 11-14 driving FFR#85 Test/Tune #2 Thunderhill CA
2009 Oct 16-18 driving FFR#85 Test/Tune #1 Thunderhill CA
2009 Oct 2-4 NASA-NE Watkins Glen NY
2009 Sept 10-13 NASA Nationals 2009 – fin=3rd NASA Miller Motorsports Park UT
2009 Aug 7-8 NASA-NE Limerock CT
2009 July 10-12 NASA-GreatLakes Mid Ohio OH
2009 June 20-21 Hyperfest 2009 NASA-MA Summit Point WV
2009 June 13 driving Ed Boothman’s FFR#85 CHIN Sebring FL
2009 May 31 AutoX NESHOC Devens MA
2009 May 3 AutoX NESHOC Devens MA
2009 April 25-26 NASA-MA Summit Point WV
2009 April 11 AutoX SCMC Devens MA
2009 Mar 13-15 Fri Enduro NASA-SE RoadAtlanta GA
2008 Dec 5 – 7 (Fri – Sun 25hr race) driving FFR#85 NASA 25hr Thunderhill CA
2008 Oct 17 – 19 (Fri – Sun Test/Tune) driving FFR#85 Shelby club Thunderhill CA
2008 Oct 11, (Sat) Devens AutoX SCMC Ft Devens MA
2008 Sept 11 – 14 (Thurs-Sun) NASA Nationals 2008 – fin=3rd NASA Mid Ohio OH
2008 Aug 15 – 17 (Fri-Sun) NASA-Ohio Mid Ohio OH
2008 July 18 – 20 (Fri-Sat-Sun – Pocono Long) NASA-NE Pocono PA
2008 July 5, (Sat) Devens AutoX SCMC Ft Devens MA
2008 June 21-22 (Sat-Sun) driving Ed Boothman’s FFR#85 NASA-FL Sebring FL
2008 May 31, (Sat) Devens AutoX SHOC Ft Devens MA
2008 May 4, (Sun) Devens AutoX SHOC Ft Devens MA
2008 April 12, (Sat) Devens AutoX SCMC Ft Devens MA
2008 March 14-16 (Fri Enduro, Sat-Sun race) NASA-SE RoadAtlanta GA
2008 Feb 22 – 24 (Fri-Sun) + 3hr Enduro NASA-MA VIR VA
2007 Oct 13 – 14 (Sat-Sun) NASA-NE WatkinsGlen NY
2007 Sept 12 – 16 (Mon-Sun) NASA Nationals 2007 – fin=5th NASA Mid Ohio OH
2007 Aug 17 – 19 (Fri – Sat – Sun) NASA-Ohio Mid Ohio OH
2007 Aug 3 – 4 (Fri – Sat) NASA-NE Limerock CT
2007 July 24 (Test & Tune 12:15pm-5:30pm) Limerock Limerock CT
2007 July 23 (Pocono South) CART Pocono PA
2007 July 21 – 22 (Sat-Sun – Pocono Long) NASA-NE Pocono PA
2007 June 23 – 24 (Sat – Sun) NASA-MA Summit Point WV
2007 June 2 – 3 (Sat-Sun) NASA-NE Pocono PA
2007 May 19 – 20 (Sat/Sun) NASA-NE BeaveRun PA
2007 April 28 – (Sat) AutoX SCMC Ft Devens MA
2007 April 23 – 24 (Mon-Tues) HPDE Only COMSCC WatkinsGlen NY
2007 April 20 – 22 (Fri-Sat-Sun) NASA-Ohio Mid Ohio OH
2006 Nov 11 – 12 (Sat-Sun) NASA-MA Summit Point WV
2006 Oct 21 – 22 (Sat-Sun) COM NHIS NH
2006 Oct 2 (Mon) CART Limerock CT
2006 Sept 14 – 17 (Mon-Sun) NASA Nationals 2006 – fin=6th NASA Mid Ohio OH
2006 Aug 26-27(Sat-Sun) Race 26, Enduro 27 NASA-NE Pocono PA
2006 Aug 20 (Sun) NASA-NE Pocono PA
2006 Aug 12 – 13 (Sat – Sun) NASA-Ohio Mid Ohio OH
2006 Aug 4 – 5 (Fri – Sat) NASA-NE Limerock CT
2006 July 8-9 (Sat-Sun) NASA-MA Summit Point WV
2006 June 10 – 11 (Sat-Sun) NASA-Ohio BeaveRun PA
2006 May 8 – 9 (Mon-Tues) NASA-NE WatkinsGlen NY
2006 April 21 – 23 (Fri-Sat-Sun) NASA-Ohio Mid Ohio OH
2006 April 8 – 9 (Sat-Sun) COM NHIS NH
2005 October 15-16 (Sat-Sun) NASA-MA Summit Point WV
2005 Sept 27 (Tuesday) SCDA NHIS NH
2005 Sept 25+26 (sun+mon) COM NHIS NH
2005 Sept 24+25 (Sat+Sun) NASA-MA Summit Point WV
2005 Sept 16 (Friday) CART Limerock CT
2005 Sept 3-5 (Sat-Mon) FFR Nationals 2005 – fin=10th NASA VIR VA
2005 Aug 29 (Monday) SCDA NHIS NH
2005 July 27-30 (Wed – Sat) Skip Barber Racing School Skip Barber Limerock CT


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