NASA 25hour of Thunderhill 2016

Going back to the NASA 25hr!! I am one of the 4 drivers on Team F.A.S.T Auto Racing’s entry for the 2016 NASA 25hr Endurance Race this weekend! December 3-4, 2016

Adrian Wlostowski, fellow competitor racing in the NASA NorthEast’s ST2 class, put together a team of 19 individuals and asked me to be one of 4 drivers in this year’s most grueling endurance race in North America, the NASA 25hr of Thunderhill!

We will pilot his black ST2 Corvette, now renumbered as #96 for just this race, with a great crew eager to strut their stuff. Stay tuned for in-car live stream, streaming from the pits, all starting this weekend, December 3rd at 11am PST through December 4 at noon for the race finish.

Incar Live streaming from FAST Auto Racing team:

Pit live stream

Live stream from EnduranceRadio:

Live timing/scoring:


Adrian Wlostowski
David Stark
John George
Mark Gaynor

Driver rotation:

Dec 3 Pitstop Time Driver stints
Start of race 11:00:00 AM John
12:10:00 PM John
1:24:00 PM Adrian
2:37:30 PM Adrian
3:51:30 PM Mark
SUNSET 4:45PM 5:05:00 PM Mark
6:19:00 PM David
7:32:30 PM David
8:46:30 PM Adrian
10:00:00 PM Adrian
11:14:00 PM John
Dec 4 12:27:30 AM John
1:47:30 AM Mark
3:01:00 AM Mark
4:15:00 AM David
5:28:30 AM David
SUNRISE 7:13AM 6:42:30 AM John
7:56:00 AM David
9:10:00 AM Mark
10:23:30 AM Adrian
11:37:00 AM Adrian 23 min
checker flag 12:00:00 PM


More information of the race here: