Race Report – VIR March 2011

Weekend of March 25-27 I was at VIR for the first race of 2011. Towing down with Jim hauling the FFR 2-car enclosed trailer we got to the track Thursday night. After getting the car teched for 2011, we were all set for Friday test/tune. The first 3 sessions were a breeze, car running well, was happy that the new wire harness I put in over the winter worked. Well, on session 4 I’m on track and the fuse blows to the computer, killing the car instantly. I get towed back in by the track safety workers, and after diagnosing the electrical issue, getting some really weird behavior (fuse blowing even with the ECU not connected to the wire harness..) I finally get a combination of ECU/sensors to work by replacing the existing with spares that I have brought and am all ready for Saturday.

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