Race Report – FFR818R at VIR UTCC2014


The Ultimate Track Car Challenge is an event put on by the Grassroots Motorsports magazine as a no-holds-barred track competition aiming to find the fastest machine on four wheels. A new FFR 818R was built by the Factory Five gang with the goal of setting a flyer lap (sub 2min) at VIR during the Grassroots Motorsports UTCC 2014. This build was amazingly done in less than one month, with a 170,000mi used engine, all while being filmed by a camera crew for a possible upcoming reality tv series. Many racers will tell you racecars after getting finished need a couple of race track events to work out all of the bugs, well we didn’t have that luxury with this new Red/White FFR 818R.

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Race Report – Limerock July 3-5, 2014


Limerock is and always will be a special place for me, that is where all this got started back in 2005 with me attending Skip Barber Race School. Needless to say I was ecstatic hearing NASA-NE will be back and to boot unmuffled! For those who dont know Limerock has an extremely strict noise limit, 87db with my car over 95db have not a chance in the world to race there unless the sound limits are removed which is exactly what happened this past weekend. On top of that there are no track events on Sundays as the town Limerock is in has had this rule for ages and will never change. The July 4 weekend track activities started Thursday with a test/tune, Friday sprint race and a scheduled 3.5hr enduro, and double sprint races on Saturday.

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