New engine in FFR#48


Installed a 2013 F150 5.0L coyote engine into FFR#48!

The last 2 weeks have been frantic activity, I decided to keep up with everyone else in ST2 I need more torque, how to do that easiest? change the engine with one from a 2013 F150 I found at a local junkyard for $2500 with only 19K miles on it. The F150 has the same basic engine as what is in the new Mustangs, except for the cams and intake making more torque and less power. Ford has it rated at 360HP and 380TQ at the flywheel, and with 15% drive train loss that will put me right at the numbers I need. The code name for this engine platform is called the coyote, and not only does it have dual overhead cams, variable valve timing, but also 4 valves per cylinder and is run by a highly customizable Ford control pack though an OBD2 diagnostic port.

The fun started Labor Day Monday Sept 7, fellow racer Pat McMahon came to help remove the old engine and clean the engine bay from the oil residue from 2014 Nationals.


Friday was picking up parts form Fortes in Framingham, junkyard engine pickup in Winchendon and then drive down to Factory Five (near the Cape) where Jim Schenck helped me convert the car to accept the new super wide engine. My 2003 chassis needed updates done to it to accept the new engine bring it to current chassis standards, relocating the steering shaft, and modifying the foot boxes on both sides. A lot of work was done over the weekend, with the final result of new engine in the racecar. I was missing the clutch fork and could not install the transmission until that was procured. Pat was kind enough to come down to FFR to help with the conversion along with John Dean welding the new steering shaft mount.



The next week and weekend was finishing the car up, installing the new engine management harness, plumbing up the coolant hoses, power steering, headers, new stainless steel side pipes, and changing to a road race oil pan.


Went for a drive around the neighborhood 9/22/15! 16 days after the old engine came out! Thanks to Dave Smith and Factory Five Racing for lending a hand in the install, and especially Jim and Pat for taking time away from their families wrenching on the car. I’m ready for the Palmer, MA race this weekend!

Pics from the conversion: Changing engine to Coyote

All Parts needed for conversion are listed here: